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Welcome to John Booras for Congress

My name is John Booras. I am a loving husband and committed father of three. I coach soccer for my kids and I enjoy watching their martial arts meets and supporting them throughout their new experiences. I am an attorney. I am a former police officer. I am a man of faith, and I believe in this country and all its people. I am neither a politician, nor a billionaire, and I decided it was time to run for Congress because I have been feeling frustrated and truly disappointed with the politicians and billionaires who currently run this country and have silenced our voices. I, and many like myself, have felt for a long time that our cries for a safer, more economically stable America have fallen on deaf ears. 

Since this administration took control, we have entered a super-recession that is being felt by all Americans daily, our streets, schools, and businesses are more dangerous than ever before. Rather than receiving an apology from our elected officials, we have been told that we deserve even less than our current circumstances. This is no longer acceptable to me, and it should no longer be acceptable to any of us for that matter. We deserve to have a safe environment to raise our children in, safe schools that emphasize the overall growth of our children as well-rounded individuals because they will be the next generation to lead us. We deserve an economy worthy of the hard work and effort we put forward every day in order to build a better life for ourselves and our families. Furthermore, each and every one of us deserves a healthcare system that leads with compassion, humanity and treats patients with dignity over prioritizing massive profits. Lastly, and most importantly, we deserve to have a government representative who actually represents each and every one of us, not just a select few. 

Now is the time to put aside partisan politics, stop assigning value to just a D or an R in front of a name, and start demanding a higher quality of representation from our governing officials. Now is the time to unite as Americans, no matter our socioeconomic status, creed, race, gender, orientation, and any other factors this administration has used to divide us. Although I am far from perfect, I am grounded in my passion to help others and to serve my community with honesty, integrity, and transparency. In me, you will have a representative who will always offer you respect, compassion, and be a true champion to ensure that our voices are heard in Washington DC and in the State of Illinois. I promise that my door will always be open to all members of my community. I promise to treat every issue with the reverence it deserves, and to always consult with the community prior to making large decisions which affect all of our lives.  

I need your support, so I ask today that you walk with me and all Americans on the journey to bringing back the light to our great nation. It is a journey we can and will accomplish, and I can't wait to see the incredible results we bring forth together. Join me today so that we can secure a better and brighter future for us all and for our children!

Thank you,

John Booras

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