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The current representative of the 3rd District does not vote according to the beliefs of the constituents in the district, nor does she vote according to the best interests of the American people. I strongly oppose the policy positions of Delia Ramirez that are represented here and her voting record. I also strongly oppose the SAFE-T Act - which Delia Ramirez cosponsored - because it has destroyed the lives of too many Illinois citizens! Here are examples of how she has voted on several important issues in Washington.

January 31, 2024 - HR 6679 - No Immigration Benefits for Hamas Terrorists Act
 Republicans Yes - 215
 Democrats Yes - 210
 Republicans No - 0
 Democrats No or Present - 3 (Delia Ramirez voted Present)
 NV - 6

March 23, 2023 - HR 1093 - A vote that recognizes the security threat posed by China by strengthening the security alliance between Australia, US and UK.
 Republicans Yes - 209
 Democrats Yes - 184
 Republicans No - 0
Democrats No - 4 (Delia Ramirez voted No)
 NV - 38

May 18, 2023 - Continuing Resolution 40 - Vote to recognize police and condemn abolishing or defunding police.
 Republicans Yes - 214
 Democrats Yes - 87
 Republicans No - 2
Democrats No -117 (Delia Ramirez voted No)

February 2, 2023 - Continuing Resolution 9 - Vote to denounce Socialism in the U.S.
 Republicans Yes - 219
 Democrats Yes - 109
 Republicans No - 0
Democrats No - 86 (Delia Ramirez voted No)

January 10, 2023 - Resolution 11 - Vote to establish a committee to study/monitor Chinese threat.
 Republicans Yes - 218
 Democrats Yes - 147
 Republicans No - 0
Democrats No - 65 (Delia Ramirez voted No)

May 25, 2023 - HR 467 - Halt Fentanyl Act. Vote to raise the visibility of fentanyl as a national problem by permanently placing fentanyl-related substances as a class on the Controlled Substances Act.
 Republicans Yes - 215
 Democrats Yes - 74
 Republicans No - 1
Democrats No - 132 (Delia Ramirez voted No)

March 22, 2023 - Taiwan Assurance Implementation Act toreport on capabilities of the trilateral security partner ship between Australia, U.K. and the U.S.
 Yes - 404
No—7 (Delia Ramirez voted No)

October 19, 2023 - House Res 798 - adopt a resolution that condemns the support of Hamas and other terrorist organizations.
 Republicans Yes - 212
 Democrats Yes - 184
 Republicans No - 1
Democrats No - 22 (Delia Ramirez voted No)

DELIA RAMIREZ WANTS NO SCHOOL CHOICE FOR LOW INCOME CHILDREN: “The Invest in Kids program, which launched in 2018, allowed private donors to make contributions into a scholarship fund that provides funds for children of low-income families to be able to attend private schools.” ( 11/1/23) Invest in Kids was the product of a genuine bipartisan agreement on state education provides scholarships to roughly 9000 kids with about 20,000 more on the scholarship waiting list. ( 10/24/23 and 11/9/23 in Springfield, IL) Despite widespread protests when it became known that the program would likely be discontinued at the end of 2023, Delia Ramirez felt it necessary to issue the following statement on November 8, 2023: “...We firmly oppose the continuation of the Invest in Kids program, and urge state lawmakers to allow the program to sunset …” ( 11/8/23 in Chicago suburbs) Delia Ramirez’s actions regarding the Invest in Kids program do not match her often caring words. I believe destroying the only option low income children had in Illinois to attend better schools is cruel and completely unethical. 

I want to create a 3rd District and an America in which all individuals feel heard and represented, not just a select few. Delia Ramirez has disenfranchised the majority of the district, and as you can see by her voting record, she has no intention of ever changing that. Below, I want to highlight a portion of my plan that will help all the citizens of the 3rd District, and not just a select few deemed worthy by Delia Ramirez:   


  • More help for our seniors including medical vouchers and better healthcare.
  • Right to try and health cures to save lives.
  • Better care for our veterans including addressing mental health and eliminating homelessness.
  • Better and more affordable healthcare for small business owners.
  • Cutting costs on otherwise overly expensive prescription medication. 


  • Youth and parental training to prevent violence.
  • Fighting drug cartels to curb overdoses, drug abuse, and violence.
  • Combatting gangs and violent criminals.
  • Fighting for tougher penalties for convicted violent felons, and in particular violent felons.
  • Increasing training for federal agents to combat violent crime and close homicide cases.
  • Expanding cyber investigations aimed at combatting human trafficking.
  • A stronger military presence.
  • A stronger border presence and refined immigration and asylum process.

Economic Growth and Prosperity

  • More targeted grants to entice American Business.
  • More jobs for American workers.
  • Protecting our pensions and investments.
  • Better education opportunities for all through school vouchers for private schools.
  • Daycare vouchers for single parents to have the freedom to work.
  • Better infrastructure by building better roads and bridges.
  • Access to clean water, clean air, and healthy food for all Americans. 
  • Cutting foreign AID and military funding. 
  • Put Americans First.


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