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Meet John

My name is John Booras. I'm not a politician. I'm a husband to my beautiful wife and a father to my three wonderful children. I'm a man of faith. I'm the son of immigrant parents who came to our country with nothing but the American dream, parents who also had such few means that we often required government assistance just to get by. I'm now a practicing attorney, and a former police officer who once again wants to serve you: the PEOPLE. This is our time to come together and correct the course of our nation by acknowledging our history - both good and bad - and using our lessons to move forward as one, united towards the bright future we all deserve. I promise you I will work tirelessly to help us all create that future together. 

The ultimate aim of my platform is to better the lives of all Illinoisans, not just a select few who have access to resources that the rest of us do not. My plan is simple: to return control of this nation to us - the PEOPLE! By simple acts such as better protecting our children, bolstering the economy, and offering better assistance to veterans, seniors, and single parents, we can recreate the American Dream and revive our nation down to the last person. We should NOT continue having to live in fear of what tomorrow will bring. Not knowing if our jobs will be there when we wake up is unacceptable. Not knowing how we will pay for our rent, our mortgage, or even our daily necessities is unacceptable. Not knowing whether our children will grow up in a safe environment is unacceptable! Too many 3rd Congressional residents live in a state of fear and control which has unfortunately been imposed upon us by excessive Democratic rule. The majority of us are feeling downright disenfranchised, and that's because we are. It has been too long since the government has taken the wants and needs of Americans seriously. When I'm in Congress, I will help usher in a time in which individuals run for office to serve Americans again, instead of large financial interests and foreign powers. This is our time to take back our Country from the destructive activists who control Washington and are regulating every aspect of our lives. 

Unfortunately, it is our children who have suffered the most from these destructive policies. Never forget how our children were not only locked out of their schools, but shut out from the friends, athletics, activities, and too often the only hot meal many could count on in a day. To add insult to injury, this same threat is on the horizon yet again now thanks to excessive Democrat policies. For the first time in this nation's history, we had an increased suicide rate in younger children because of fear and depression. We MUST NOT allow this to happen again, and NOW is the time to act! We must bolster parental choice because the government should not have control of how we raise our children under the guise of the Board of Education and School Board. Protecting our children and their future has been the greatest motivation behind why I have chosen to run for office. My love for my family and my desire to see them and all people grow keep me grounded. This is the guiding beacon I will use in creating policies to benefit not just my children, but all the children out there who will remain without a voice if we allow things to stay as they are. I will do anything I can to protect their future.

In line with securing a brighter future for our children, we must also get our economy back on track from record high inflation and never before seen careless government spending. Once we instill our plans to boost business across the nation, we will immediately see an increase in the resources available to all Americans. With directed tax incentives and subsidies, we can recruit big business to the US and to Illinois, thus providing more well paying jobs and reducing the necessity for so many people to require government assistance. We need to lower taxes directly paid by Americans and in particular Illinoisans, as our residents are the highest taxed in the nation right now. There should be no reason elderly retirees pay such high taxes on their fixed incomes, such so that they must often choose between paying for daily necessities like food and energy bills versus paying for their medications. Our pensions need to be funded and protected. For too long, negligent politicians have instead used these pensions as personal bank accounts. 

Our fight is highlighted by the fight to protect those whom this government has silenced for so long. We need to care for our veterans, and I will fight to end veteran homelessness and to provide them more access to jobs and education. We need to protect our youth by educating them early about dangerous drugs and violence, as well as educating parents on how to help our children before any problems occur. I'm pro-second amendment,  and I will protect your right to own weapons as it's necessary in this society which has allowed criminals to flourish for too long. As a former police officer, I back our police and will pass legislation to protect them at all levels when they are justified. Criminals need to be held accountable, and violent criminals must be prosecuted to the fullest from now on. 

I call for your support. Join me on my mission as I fight big government, large financial interests that come at a cost to our happiness, and the career politicians who have created the toxicity we are seeking to cure. This challenge will not be easy. Let us do this together, and I will make you this promise - I will never fail you nor quit on you.

Thank you for your support and God Bless! 



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